16 July 2014

NOVA International Schools Congratulates its AP students on a successful May 2014 session!

With 66 AP students and around 150 exams, we are happy to report a resounding 82% success rate, with more than 11% higher than the previous exam session! Big congrats to the Class of 2014 for their AP Awards (9 in total, including 2 students being awarded an Advanced Placement International Diploma (APID)). We are also pleased to see a successful run for our junior class, the Class of 2015, with 12 AP Awards in place. Indeed, it has been a tremendous group feat, with everyone pulling in their weight. However, we’d also like to take this opportunity to single out a few names, of exceptionally dedicated and consistently hard-working AP students, whose Awards have made us so proud this day:

Class of 2014 (Isidora Bojkovska, Vasil Kuzevski, Nikola Matlievski, Blanka Nakova, Bard Ajdini, Velimir Todorovski and Mila Georgievska)

Class of 2015 (Martin Trpovski, Timothy Predmore, Monica Benya, Marija Trajanoska, Georg Chemerikikj, Stefan Spirovski, Elena Gagovska, Sara Jovanovska, Stefan Djaleski, Sergej Shteriev, Kala Nekova and Slavica Srebrova)

Class of 2016 (Sofija Paneva)