7 July 2014

Summer School and Summer Camp 2014

Even though our summer adventure has come to an end and we celebrated our accomplishments in a festive mood, we never said that this is the end of our journey together. On the contrary, it is a start of a wonderful friendship. As we take a plunge into summer we will remain continually inspired by all the students who showcased their talent; danced, sang, and delivered truly memorable lines during our NOVA summer school and camp final performance. It was a month of joy and adventure as we learned from each other and grew together regardless of whether we were testing our adventurous spirit by climbing mountains or reading a book. We managed to bridge the age gap, and proved once again the true value of education. Thus we promise to meet you again next year to recollect our poignant memories, and rewrite our story as we embark on new adventures.

(Let us dream a dream together, and reach for the stars!)

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Check out the photo gallery from the final performance here

Short video from the final performance: