30 May 2014

6th grade excursion to Tetovo and its surroundings

On 28 May, NOVA 6th-grade students chaperoned by their teachers Marina Spasovska, Svetlana Guguchevska and Jasmina Dzurovska-Blazeska set out on a field trip to the city of Tetovo and its neighbouring municipality of Brvenica.
Our first stop on the road snaking through Tetovo to Brvenica was the Painted Mosque (Šarena D┼żamija), a famed 15th-century landmark whose distinctive floral wallpaintings defy tradition. We then proceeded to another Ottoman monument in Tetovo, Arabati Baba Tekke, and learned about its tempestuous history. Finally, after our applied Social Studies class was over, we sought rest and relaxation in the shades of the restaurant and bakery Bakal in Brvenica.Thanks to the hospitality of the owners, parents of our 6th-grade student Marija Simjanoska, we peeked into the restaurant's kitchen, learned how bread and other pastries are made, and enjoyed several hours of lunching, fun, and games.

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