20 May 2014

Drama class performance, a parody of the Academy Awards

#DisOscars 2014 is a play the students from the Drama class created on their own. The dialogues, the characters, the costumes – it is all a product of their own creativity and ideas. The classes were used as an open space to rehearse, explore and improvise theatrical scenes. It is a parody of this year’s Academy Award ceremony. On our classes we talked about Peter Brook and Jerzi Grotowski, theater directors that contributed to the art of theater in many aspects. The first one says “Give me any empty space and I will make theater”. We decided to turn the School’s auditorium into stage where the illusion of a theater will be created. The second one, Grotowski, talks about the elements needed for a play to be created. He puts props, costumes, lights, music aside since the actors themselves on stage can create the illusion of it all. “Actors and an audience is enough”. We strongly believe you will enjoy the performance made with lots of energy, enthusiasm and devotion.

An important notice: the budget gathered from the tickets sold will be donated to the victims of the floods in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia.