19 May 2014

Boris Trajkovski – NOVA scholarship recipients announced

NOVA International Schools, in partnership with the Boris Trajkovski Foundation, for the past nine years has awarded talented students with a full scholarship. This year’s winners of the four-year scholarship are: Milan Samardziski (coming from public school Vlado Tasevski), Gele Robev (Kole Nedelkovski), and Ana Tatabitovska (Dimitar Miladinov).

The scholarships was awarded based on multiple selection criteria involving, English and Math tests, an essay on a given topic, and an interview with the scholarship committee.

The program was established in 2005, and it has thus far been completed by six successful generations of graduates, who continued their educational endeavors at some of the best American and European universities. The current three scholarship seniors, graduating this May 24th, have already been accepted to Columbia University(USA), the University of Oxford (Great Britain) and Leiden University(Netherlands). We congratulate them on their achievement and wish the new scholarship students the same success. 

Check out the photo gallery from the event here