2 May 2014

International Model European Parliament session in Vienna

Europe, a continent that was up until 60 years ago torn by terrible wars is now a global leader for peace and solidarity. From March 29- April 5, delegations from 30 nations from across Europe came together in Vienna, Austria for the 40th International Session Model European Parliament. Once again, the Macedonian delegation formed after the MEP National Session earlier this year participated at this milestone session which not only marked the 20 year anniversary of the formation of the Model European Parliament, but also the up coming 100 year anniversary of the First World War. The delegation comprised of NOVA students Tijana Istochka (Head of Delegation) and Nikola Danev, who were also joined by their public school counterparts Andrej Tatarchevski (Georgi Dimitrov), Sonja Mitikj (Nikola Karev) and Stefan Kalabakov (Orce Nikolov). The delegation was also accompanied by NOVA junior Kristina Madjoska who served as a Committee President. All students enjoyed a week of debating, politicking, resolution writing but most importantly networking through various traditional Viennese and Austrian cultural activities. This successful session for the Macedonian delegation concluded with  a traditional Viennese Ball- The MEP Ball for Peace.

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