14 December 2015

“A Sweet Story”

Based on a Macedonian children’s book “A Sweet Story”, in a place called Nowhereland a candy maker creates a boy out of sugar and candy. This Candy Boy sets out on a journey around the world as he searches for the magic Nightingale whose beautiful song fills everyone with happiness. Villains have captured the enchanted bird and sadness fills the land. Also, the candy maker and a neighbourhood wheelwright go to court and fight for custody of the Candy Boy, but the lad escapes keeping his freedom. No one can help the Candy Boy free the Nightingale, except the Man in the Black Fur Hat, but in return the boy must steal a magic lamp. The Candy Boy successfully steals the lamp, but accidently breaks it and its power disappears. In the end all the inhabitants of the forest work together with the Candy Boy to defeat the villains and free the treasured Nightingale. They learn the strongest magic is teamwork and happiness fills the world once again.

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