7 December 2015

PTA donation to Institute of Mental Health

The Parent Teacher Association (PTA) at NOVA International School, on December 1st, 2015 has officially handed out the goods purchased for the Institute of Mental Health of children and youth "Mladost", Health Home Skopje. This sponsorship worth 2,000 Euros was collected during the 2015 Family Bazaar organized by NOVA's PTA.

In collaboration with the professional staff from the Institute "Mladost", the sole institute dealing with mental health of youth and children in Skopje, the PTA leadership has purchased a variety of items necessary for diagnostic purposes and for therapeutic activities with children and youth with special needs. These special needs can stem from conditions such as autism, learning disabilities, motor and speech disorders and many other conditions,  including the need for diagnosis of learning abilities.

The practice rooms of professional personnel and health staff working in the Institute were enriched with various age and purpose specific didactic material, including educational posters, books, tools and hands-on educational toys.

Moreover, an appropriate space provided by the Institute “Mladost” was equipped and transformed into a so called SENSOR ROOM. The room has an educational corner that will benefit all children with special and other needs who are either visiting the institute or undergoing special educational and treatment sessions. The floor of the SENSOR ROOM was surfaced with special gummy floor squares, thus adjusting for the therapeutic and other children’s activities. The room also makes use of slides, a trampoline, tunnels, a basketball place, a see-saw, a balance sit, and various treatment balls, while also simply providing a space for playing on the floor with the various educational tool and toys.

The PTA donation made a difference by facilitating interactive and age appropriate use of educational and treatment materials, tools and toys with children in need, expanding the possibilities offered by the Institute “Mladost” by equipping and opening the Sensor Room with the support of NOVA’s PTA.

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