26 November 2015

NOVA HS International Day

We can report that today’s NOVA HS International day, "Sensation and Experience”, was wonderful success. Our students and staff had the opportunity to taste some Macedonian ajvar, cheese pie and proya, Turkish ashure and coffee, Italian caprese cake and tiramisu, Romanian cake, Qatar’s delights, Indian chicken with rice, as well as Chinese steamed buns and German specialties. Workshops took place, during which specific cultural aspects of particular countries were presented. Participants had the chance to be impressed and to learn new skills by taking part in the following workshops: Chinese Tea Ceremony & Calligraphy, Italian emotions – Director’s dreams, US softball, Irish dance, Macedonian Oro and traditional instruments, Albanian traditional cloth decorating, Mexican traditional dance, Hungarian Rubik’s cube and art workshop. All in all, the experience greatly enjoyed by all as a fantastic expression of NOVA’s commitment to education through diversity.

Check out the photo gallery from the event here