10 November 2015

NOVA hosts MS Boys soccer tournament

From October 30th through to November 1st, NOVA had the honor of hosting the CEESA Blue Division Middle School Boys Soccer Tournament for 2015.The Tournament gathered teams from five international schools on the Alumina pitch:

    -NOVA International School – Skopje, Macedonia (NOVA)
    -International School of Belgrade, Serbia (ISB)
    -Anglo-American School of Sofia, Bulgaria (AAS)
    -International School of Helsinki, Finland (ISH)
    -Pechersk School International – Kiev, Ukraine (PSI)

In the many matches played on Friday there was a great deal of first score excitement and last minute uncertainty as the boys had lots of fun. The round-robin tournament culminated with placement games on Saturday afternoon.

For 5th place, the Nova-White and Nova-Yellow teams engaged in a friendly game, which was eventually won by the White Supernovas. The bronze medal came back to the ISB's Dragons, after their 3:1 victory against the Wolfs from AAS. The toughest match on the pitch was played for the 1st and 2nd place finish between the Huskies (ISH) and the Panthers (PSI). Despite missing two players, the Huskies demonstrated their tenacity, coming in second to the Panthers only after an intense and spectacular match.

Check out the photo gallery from the tournament here