5 November 2015

Kindergarteners become farmers for a day

What could be a better learning strategy for closing out the unit about plants and beginning a unit on animals than to directly interact with nature? On Friday, October 30, kindergarten students had a splendid time visiting a farm. Although we came back with muddy shoes and soil under our nails, smiles were shining on our faces. We were fortunate enough to see how cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli and carrots grow. We were even allowed by the farmers to pluck carrots from the soil. We were able to identify the roots, stems, leaves and flowers of the plants through direct exploration. Besides plants, we interacted with animals, petting a fluffy white rabbit, watching pigs run around the sty, and finally realizing that chickens had only two legs. We felt the soft feathers of baby quails with our palms, and some of us fearlessly approached a herd of goats. We fed a horse, and some of us even confidently climbed on it. At the end of our field trip, we recorded our observations in our science activity journals. According to our field trip report, we saw: 5 different mammals, 3 different birds, 4 insects, zero fish, zero reptiles and zero amphibians. We made a wish for our next field trip to be in a rain forest. We cannot help but extend words of appreciation to the helpful hands of Ms. Bali Gonzalez and Ms. Mimi Shindilovska, who initiated the field trip and assisted throughout. Thank you, mommies. 

Check out the photo gallery from the visit here