19 October 2015

PTA Educational Evening

Dear HS parent,

As an international community of learners, we seek to understand trends in the globalized world, specifically pertaining to our students and their families. Also of interest are those members who fall into the category of third-culture individuals. Due to their living arrangements, which often span multiple countries and cultures over many years, they greatly enrich our school community, but also face very specific issues.

PTA would like to invite you to the first Educational Evening for parents this year, taking place Wednesday October 21st, from 18:30h in the HS Library, dedicated to sharing perspectives on Third Culture Individuals.

The workshop is organized and conducted by our school Psychology teacher Valentina Trpkoska. It will take approximately 90 minutes, and is intended for parents only. It will involve a brief presentation, some specifics and hypotheticals, and an opportunity to discuss. We will focus on both opportunities and challenges arising from being internationally mobile. We would also like to inspire a discussion on improving the established practices in school and family settings. We hope you will find this opportunity of value, look forward to the occasion, and look forward to seeing you there.   

To attend, please RSVP by 13:00h on Wednesday, October 21st to katerina.popova@nova.edu.mk


PRA Managing Board