17 December 2012

Expert Opinion

Windows 8 Review

... The programmers that want to develop apps that will work on the Metro interface will have to get used to work with the XAML programming language as well as the language they will code in. For example, if a C# programmer wants to develop an application for Windows 8 they will have to use C# for the internal programming and XAML to develop the interface. This might be slightly harder for programmers that have no experience with XAML ...

My personal opinion about Windows 8 is that it is pretty good, and it has many other great features besides the Metro interface, like better security and networking and many more I will not mention because it’s off topic here. Although I think that Windows 8 would be a little challenging to new users that are not very experienced with Windows and computers, I still think that Microsoft did a great job at creating this amazing operating system.

Marko Calasan 7th grade