26 December 2012

How Does It Feel to Be Everywhere

On Monday, October 19th, Lura Pollozhani, a very positive Nova Alumna, one of two siblings of former Minister of Education Mr. Aziz Pollozhani, came to the Library to share her university experiences with the current NOVA students. She delightfully spoke about the Malmö University in Sweden, where she graduated, the Geneva University, where she attended an intern-ship program, the London School of Economics, where she took up her Master studies, her involvement at the National Institute for Training and Research in Switzerland, the Geneva Health Forum in Switzerland, and her current occupation in the Centre for Inter-cultural and Political Studies in Macedonia.

Having always been drawn to the study of Social Sciences, Lura discovered that she was interested in International Relations mostly because “she was used to being everywhere” and because this study was quite interdisciplinary. She spoke about how she was constantly active and that her choices tended to change along with her desires to research on different spheres of study. She also talked about her life in the places she visited in terms of finding places to stay and fitting into the new cultures. Through this short summary of her life as a student, Lura advised students on the application processes, grades and credits, from using  information given on a university’s website to finding the right person to contact, and she particularly emphasized the importance of knowing multiple languages. Above all, she was very positive and encouraged the student present to keep on doing what they are already doing!