20 February 2013

How to Make Your Dreams Come True

“How to make our dreams come true?” - aquestion so commonly posedby many students while trying to transform their ambitionsinto reality. The members of the Student Council, however, already received the answers to this question at a presentation organized by two young and ambitious leaders from President Ivanov’s “Alumni Association”. Together with Emilija Dzurovska, Daniel Gokeski, and school principal Mr. Viktor Novakovski, the students from grades 9-12 eagerly discussed their greatest hopes and dreams, along with the actions they would take for these dreams to come true, thus making the several hours spent in the school library interactive, educational and most of all, motivating. Through amusing activities, relaxed conversations and inspiring videos the students learnt how charity work, care for the environment and the society, determination and self-initiative can help them grow into strong and successful individuals. A fun debate between volunteers from the audience was meant to be the last lesson givenin this presentation, which managed to capture and preserve everyone’sa ttention till its very ending. The debate taught both its participants and the spectators about the importance of cooperation, care and respect for others and common sense in the search for success, since, after all, the seare the greatest human values one can ask for.

Sofija Paneva, grade 9