22 May 2013

Volvo Field Trip

A short while ago, several NOVA students were given the opportunity to attend the official premiere of the new Volvo FH Truck. As a matter of fact, it came as somewhat of a surprise to the few of us that had been selected to be some of the very first in this country to hop in Volvo's newest creation.
It was April the 26, the sun was up, and we were at a parking lot hosting the brand new truck model. However, weren't there to get driven around. A task was given to us: remain in the cabin, note all it offers and assess how comfortable would it be to spend long hours, even days in it, while traveling through a wide range of climates and weather conditions and encountering various issues on the road.
We tested the new modern features and the smartly designed setup of instruments, tools, storage spaces, resting spaces and useful appliances and features, the finest details of which the Volvo " special agents" were very patient to carefully present to us. Another aspect explained was the practicality of the new driver's dashboard, equipped with the top sensors and gadgets monitoring the state of the vehicle, which provides the driver constant information to assure that no potential trouble is caused due to irregularities, (like for example, engine overheating) . After all, the Volvo representatives did say that safety is the most important variable taken into consideration when creating their vehicles.
The happening was also interesting for reasons other than the experience of seeing all the innovative features of a machine considered as ordinary as a truck. (We were also amazed to discover that that the cabin of the truck, which appeared to be quite ordinary, containing two beds, a TV and refrigerator, can, if stacked properly, house exactly 39 adult men!) The official premiere itself was rather engaging, giving us a glimpse in the world of promoting events of big corporations, such as Volvo.  The five of us, who were sent on the "secret mission" with a code name “Icon reborn” were invited on the stage to share our impressions. As students, we were the youngest there, and perhaps the big stage and extraordinary buffet was not something we would immediately connect with trucks and drivers. However, the premiere of Volvo FH proved to be great fun and quite a fascinating learning experience. We really hope we get to participate in something similar again.