25 May 2013

MARBA High School Workshop

 On May 22nd, the Macedonian Association of Ron BrownAlumni (MARBA), with support of the Embassy of the United States ofAmerica in Skopje, organized the second training session of the LeadershipSeries Lectures, focusing on Project Management and conductingProduction Simulation.These trainings are conducted by Ron Brown Alumni, targeting youth aged between 14 and 24, and involving topics related to entrepreneurshipand ethical leadership.Following the Basics of Project Management training, 12 students participated in the Production simulation. TheSimulation itself is a complex exercise, which treats all main aspectsof a small manufacturing enterprise: forecasting, planning, organisingand managing, manufacturing, marketing, negotiating, controlling, andfinancing, as well as team work and leadership.According the participants, it was an enjoyable learning experience.