2 June 2013

Parent Impressions of NOVA

Dear all,
Just a week ago, we received an offer to move to Brussels in August. We have now accepted the offer and will therefore have to bid farewell to you and to Nova at the end of this year. The decision was very difficult to make, and we are not sure yet if we made the right one… Living in Macedonia has been a truly fantastic experience for all of us, and especially for our children. We arrived on a Saturday night by car from Stockholm, and left the children at Nova Monday morning. We have been very fortunate as we never had to experience any periods of difficult times settling in for any of our children. This is thanks to Nova being such a welcoming and inspiring school! We will leave Macedonia with great respect for all the effort and devotion that all staff at Nova place into creating a perfect learning environment, not only academically but also emotionally and socially not to mention the emphasis placed on developing their creativity in arts, music and dance. The Christmas- and End of year performances have all been outstanding! We only informed the children yesterday, and they were very sad to learn that we will be leaving Macedonia. To them, Macedonia is equivalent to Nova and this will never change. They will be Nova’s best ambassadors in future, and we will make sure to visit. We are most grateful for the wonderful three years that our children have experienced at Nova. You will always be in our hearts and we hope to stay in touch and to be able to contribute to expanding the network among international schools!

Warm regards,

Åsa and Johan, Swedish Embassy

For more parent and student impressions on their NOVA experience, you can visit the following link: