3 July 2013

Student Impressions of NOVA

Perhaps it is not common for students to comment on the time they have spend at NOVA. However, I strongly feel that I have to express my feelings about NOVA now that I am heading off to a new adventure. It has been my privilege and a rewarding experience to spend almost four spectacular years at this extraordinary school. NOVA has managed to create a nurturing environment and a diverse student body which tries to excel and to be inquisitive, compassionate about learning and open minded. NOVA has truly given me the opportunity to cherish and appreciate a diverse and international community and an excellent academic education. Furthermore, NOVA's collaborative working environment empowered me to grow emotionally and artistically.

NOVA's Middle School facilities include a beautiful new building, which makes all students, parents and staff feel comfortable and welcome. Yet, a school is not just a fancy building, but it is created by people who may or may not make a difference. This is what makes NOVA special, teachers make a difference and they deeply care about their students and want them to succeed! I was more than fortunate to have had some very inspiring and excellent teachers who have influenced and inspired me not just for the time at NOVA, but also for my future.

Please allow me to name those teachers, who have left their footprints in my heart and have played a major role in building my character and making me the person I am today. They have not only been excellent teachers in their own fields, but they have been warm-hearted persons, who go far beyond the normal call of duty and always have an open ear and good advice. First of all I want to commend Ms. Amanda Leavitt. She has been an inspiration from day one. She has gone out of her way not only to teach us in a vivid and fun way, but she has succeeded in preparing us very well for High School. Mrs. Natasa Kardula who on top of her excellent academic skills, has been a caring teacher throughout the years. Even after being my teacher she is still concerned about my well- being. Ms. Vera Sotirovska and Ms. Marija Simonovska have "only" been my soccer and basketball coaches, but they have also proven to be supportive and outstanding teachers, who went out of their way to encourage and support me. The same goes for Ms. Jordan Johnston, who has never been my teacher, but has always taken a moment to listen and to make my days brighter.  I once read that a teacher's job is not just to cultivate a hunger for learning but to become a confidant and motivator but most of all, a teacher is an individual who sparks intellect and encourages students to pursue knowledge on their own. I cannot agree more and I believe that all these teachers have done that and to me they are the people who make NOVA what it is and what it is known for. I am forever grateful to you, Mrs. Novakovska, to have employed these wonderful ladies!   

One person in particular has has made these four years memorable and very precious and I feel that this person cannot be left without being mentioned: Ms. Zorica Tabanova. There are not enough adjectives to describe her! She has been a blessing throughout my NOVA years. Her genuine kindness has not only carried me through difficult times, but her impeccable and outstanding teaching skills have had a great impact on me.  I strongly feel that she perfectly portraits what ALL teachers should be like. She is a true gem to the Nova Community and  I hope that you see that as well. 

NOVA will always be part of me. It has a place in my heart and I can guarantee that I will stay in touch for many years to come.

Warm regards,

Anna-Sophie Kloppe, class of 2016