13 September 2013

Student Council Cabinet 2013/2014

The NOVA High School Student Council is a liaison between NOVA students and the NOVA community. The main purpose of this studentrun organisation is to enhance the lives of NOVA students. This includes, butis not limited to, addressing individual concerns of the student body,chartering and supporting clubs, promoting the sense of community through social and educational programming, and representing the NOVA community to the outside world.

At the beginning of each school year, a cabinet is elected to represent the Student Council and act as a liaison between the Student Council and NOVA faculty and staff, PTA and other organisations with in the NOVA community.
Congratulations to the newly elected NOVA High School Cabinet:
Senior Chairs: Simona Sarafinovska and Petar Petrovski
Junior Chair: Kristina Madjoska
Secretary: Nikola Danev
Treasurer: Mishel Mucunska