27 September 2013

10th grade Canyon Matka/Holy Mother of God monastery excursion

We started the trip to Matka as a small but rather cheerful company of 28 sophomore students and 6 advisory teachers. That Friday, September 20th, the weather too was kind. Namely, morning sunny radiance saluted us when we got off the bus in front of the Sveta Bogorodica Precista Monastery in Matka. This, in turn, allowed for our unique opportunity to visit a 15th century church in the monastery’s interior, as well as the embroidery and sewing workshop to become a truly memorable event.

After the visit, we moved onto the Matka tourist-stable, the cave complex “Vrelo”. The 30-minute boat-ride went smoothly (no pirate attacks). Still, we needed to put on our security belts. However, when we entered the cave, we did upset the natives – the bats. Even so, the sense of wonder and exhilaration – as if we were climbing down to the center of the Earth, where a small crystal blue lake awaited us – permeated all around. None could believe that we met up with a sizable lake, 25 meters in depth, yet neither was in a mood to go swimming.
After lunch in the restaurant of Matka, with the beautiful surrounding of the rocks and the old church of St. Andrea (14th century), we went back on the bus to Skopje, and NOVA, feeling relaxed and being richer for a new experience.