Week Without Walls provides exciting opportunities for NOVA students to explore the world and build relationships with each other. Week Without Walls is an integral part of the NOVA High School Program and requires of all students in grades 9-11 that they undertake at least one such educational experience every year.

Each week without walls experience is designed so that students will:

  1. Be given an opportunity to see the world through the eyes of an experiential learner

  2. Discover and appreciate the geography, history, culture, and customs of a new area in a more systemic yet student-centered way

  3. Become closer and supportive of one another. By traveling together, students get to know one another well, make new friends, and learn valuable social skills in dealing effectively with others in a group situation

  4. Gain new appreciation for each other and their teachers through the common experiences of traveling, eating, and living together for three to five days


  • Students must become familiar with their trip / event itinerary.

  • Students must ensure that parents have ALL the information given.

  • Students must obtain parent approval for the trip they participate in.

  • Students must attend ALL orientations and meetings.

  • Students must complete all registration requirements.

  • Students must adhere to all behavior expectations as identified.

More info on: weekwow.weebly.com

Week without walls handbook

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