Visitor’s guide – children’s activities

City Park

The City Park–Skopje is the largest park in the Republic of Macedonia with facilities for numerous sporting activities like running, riding a bike and walking. There is abundance of walking paths that are supported with comfortable sitting benches where one can rest and enjoy the beautiful scenery. There are plenty of grassy terrains for children to run and play. A day at the City Park–Skopje can be an excellent opportunity to get acquainted with Macedonian fauna and flora and to see some very rare types of trees like Ginkgo biloba or Sequoiadendron Giganteum. Children can also enjoy the rich variety of butterflies, grasshoppers, squirrels, and more than 90 species of birds. Location: Boulevard Ilinden, Skopje

Skopje Zoo

Skopje Zoo is one of the biggest attractions in the city. Over 495 animals from 96 species, which include mammals, reptiles and birds, call Skopje Zoo their home. It includes a veterinary hospital, amusement park for children, and educational center to teach visitors about biodiversity. Skopje Zoo delivers two interactive workshops/projects that fascinate and inspire young visitors: Research the Forest & Research Your Favorite Animal. It is open to visitors every day from 9 a.m. until 4 p.m., and is a wonderful place for quality family time or birthday celebrations. Location: Boulevard Ilinden, Skopje

City Mall Imaginarium

City Mall Imaginarium is conveniently located in Skopje City Mall (on the second floor) and offers a wide spectrum of activities for children. All activities are perfectly safe as the equipment is imported from Sweden and in accordance to the highest safety standards. Every aspect is supervised by a professional and all activities are designed to promote the physical and mental well-being of children. In addition, City Mall Imaginarium offers access to the internet as well as food and beverages. Location: 4 Ljubljanska St.

Habyland Boris Trajkovski

Habyland is a Children Center where the adventure begins. It offers an indoor play area for children up to 12 years and outdoor area that hosts a skating ring and bergodrom, trampoline, snowboard simulator, rodeo bull simulator and costumed animators. While it provides exceptional amusement for children it offers a cozy coffee bar with internet access for parents. The staff is friendly and professional and would love to help you organize a birthday party or friends gathering celebration. Habyland also organizes creative and interactive workshops for children of different ages. Location: Bul. "8th September"

Igroteka Jungle –Taftalidze

Jungle is a soft play Children Center which is suitably located on Pariska St. and offers entertainment which resembles some of the possible jungle explorations. At all times the children are supervised by professional staff who makes sure that every child is safe, happy and having fun. Location: Pariska 22

Hockey Arena & Figure Skating Boris Trajkovski

Hockey Arena and Figure Skating Ring at the Sports Center Boris Trajkovski is yet another place where children of all ages can spend their free time. This facility can be used as a recreation area or it can support children’s physical wellbeing by offering opportunity for them to join some of the courses for skating or hockey. Location: Bul. "8th September"

Swimming Pool Boris Trajkovski

The Sports Center Boris Trajkovski hosts two modern indoor swimming pools which are used for recreation, swimming & diving club activities. Children can enjoy swimming and leisure time in the little pool ‎ which offers floating pool chairs and pool slides. The pool is managed up to the highest standards in regards to maintenance and safety. The Sports Center also has a summer terrace with lounge chairs, aerobics club, fitness center, sauna and rhythmical gymnastics hall. There are four sports shops for visitors who need to purchase sports equipment. Location: Bul. "8th September"

Forza ABC Sports Club

Forza ABC Sports Club presents a wonderful opportunity for children’s sport activities under professional supervision and instruction. It operates on several locations around the city and offers activities, which include indoor and outdoor soccer, beach volleyball, tennis, basketball and table tennis. It has a full service restaurant and winery, which enables parents to enjoy and relax, while their children are engaged in various sports. Location: Londonska bb

Theatre for Children and Youth

Theatre for Children &Youth is a national theatre where children and teenagers can enjoy in the creativity and imagination of the performers who are children themselves. The theatre has staged over 182 performances seen by over 20 000 visitors. Location: 4 DimitrijaChupovski St.


JUMBO is conveniently located in the Vero Supermarket and is a real haven for kids. One can purchase, at a reasonable price, toys, art supplies, baby care products, pettoys and surprisingly beautiful and creative birthday decorations and gifts. Location: Vero Center 1 Bul. KochoRacin St.

Other things to do

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For more information about amusement and recreational activities and/or practical needs regarding children, visit the following web sites (in Macedonian):

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Children’s Toys     

KRS City Mall                                                Location: Krs – City Mall

Tea Colours City Mall                   Location: Tea Colorus – City Mall

Children’s Clothes          

LC Waikiki                      Location: LC Waikiki  - City Mall

Okaidi                           Location: Okaidi- City Mall

Sofiland                        Location: Sofiland – GTC

Benetton                                                                                            Location: Benetton – GTC 

Children’s Books            

Ikona Bookstore                               Location: Ikona–Ramstore

Toper                                                   Location: Toper – GTC

Academic Book Bookstore                                                                 Location: Academic Book – City Centre

Children’s Attractions

Aqua Park                                                                                     Location: Aqua Park – Boris Trajkovski

Cable Car                                                                                     Location: Cable Car to Vodno

Carousel                                                                                      Location: Carousel – City Centre