The structure of the Council consists of four different committees, which meet on a weekly basis:

  • School Events and Fund-Raising Committee

  • School Improvement Committee

  • Community Service Committee

  • Senior Class Committee

Each committee is responsible for their individual meetings (when and how they are to be set up). During the course of the meeting, which is conducted on a weekly basis, the members are responsible for keeping up the minutes (what was discussed, what points were made, what suggestions raised or conclusions reached). The form for the agenda is found in the committee’s individual folder, where it is to be left after completion.

Throughout the academic year the Council has worked on numerous fund-raising projects, as well as helping organize in-school activities. They have strived to represent the needs of the entire student population (7-12 grades). The List of Student Council organized/supported events include:

  • New Orientation Day

  • Movie Nights (Fund-raising)

  • Garage Sale (Fund-raising)

  • Angel Tree (Sumnal Center)

  • Valentine's Day Celebrations (Fund-Raising)

  • Volunteering at the Parents-Teacher Conferences

  • Christmas Performance and Cocktail (ushers)

  • Information Board Upkeep

  • Nova School Ambassadors (Open Days - campus tours)

  • NOVA PTA Christmas Bazaar (Fund-raising)

  • State Orphanage, 11th of October (Fund-raising)

  • MVR 'Safety Schools, Safety Proms'

  • Red Cross of the City of Skopje (Fund-raising)

  • First Children's Embassy Medjashi (Fund-raising)

  • Think Green, recycling project