Service Learning Program 

- NOVA's Service Learning Program aims at developing the personality of the students, helping them become more active, compassionate, and socially aware citizens. The program is designed as a framework for experiential learning, intending to involve students in new roles, with the emphasis on learning from experience.

-  As part of the NOVA High School graduation requirements, students need to successfully complete a minimum of one community service - service learning project each year.

- NOVA International Schools offer yearlong projects sponsored by its teachers. Students can initiate new projects, but they will need to formally apply and get approval from the  Service Learning Coordinator. At the beginning of the year each student must commit to at least one project/group.

Groups offered

1. Environment protection group

2. Recycling group

3. Red Cross group

4. Habitat for Humanity Club

5. Animal Care group

6. Teaching Roma group

7. Tutoring group

8. Student initiative(s)


In order to ensure that students are fulfilling their requirement throughout the school year, each student is expected to:

- choose a project/group and start attending meetings of that group by the end of the 1st quarter;

- actively participate and show commitment to the chosen project/group by the end of 2nd quarter;

- continue with active participation, working towards a successful completion of the project/group goals by the end of 3rd quarter;

- have significantly contributed toward the successful accomplishments of the project/group goals by the end of 4th quarter.

NOVA recognizes that character improvement plays an equal part in the learning process. We design many carefully supervised programs every year to teach the intrinsic rewards of helping others. The student decides between one of many service projects aimed at helping the community and the underprivileged members of society. 40 hours of service is a school requirement for graduation, but most of our students volunteer much more.