Taking the First Steps

For most of our three-year olds, the NOVA Early Education Center is their first venture from the security of home into a school environment. Our professional faculty understands and is dedicated to making the transition an easy, comfortable one for both child and parents.

The PK3 program provides a warm, nurturing environment where children learn through interactive play, games, music, movement, crafts and other hands-on activities. They explore simple themes such as the seasons, and animals and plants. Children may begin acquiring English, or continue to develop their language fluency. They develop their social skills by learning how to be a member of a group, and interacting with their peers. Our teachers are experts in child development and guide our youngest students to grow emotionally and socially, and to develop their self-esteem while having fun.


  •  PK3 program is a full-day experience: 8 am - 3 pm.

  •  Stay can be extended until 5pm through the Daycare program.

  •  Age of children by September of school year: 2.5 - 3.5 years.

  •  Maximum group size: 16 students with two adults.

  •  Children must be potty-trained, able to feed themselves, and follow simple instructions.