The curriculum features core courses and elective courses designed to provide students with the opportunity to both receive a well-rounded education as well as to pursue their individual interests. Core classes in the Language Arts, Mathematics, Natural Sciences and Social Sciences are differentiated into five performance levels. 

Basic: These remedial courses focus on individualized instruction and helping students attain the minimum prescribed content and performance standards. 

Regular: The regular curriculum emphasizes mastery of core content and performance standards and benchmarks, as prescribed by our school’s common curricular framework 

Honors: these courses offer mastery of core content and performance standards, but are substantially enriched in scope and sequence, require substantial commitment of time and effort on the part of the student, and lead into the AP or IB programs. 

International Baccalaureate (IB): pre-IB and IB courses at NOVA are part of an academically rigorous college bound IB Diploma Program for the internationally minded students. 

Advanced Placement (AP): pre-AP and AP courses are preparatory or university level courses that may earn students college credit at North-American, Western European and Australian universities 

Students must be recommended to a particular performance level by the guidance counselor. When considering students for a particular course placement, the student’s past performance, aptitude and motivation levels are taken into consideration, as well as teacher recommendations.