Building partnerships between parents, teachers and students in creating a memorable and inspiring learning experience, while supporting our community.

PTA bylaws


Managing Board:

CHAIR- Aneta Mackovski

VICE CHAIR- Daniela Dimitrievska 

TREASURER – Ahu Guldogan 

PTA COUNCIL MEMBERS: Ognen Spasovski, Jasmina Azmanova, Julie Boyett, Ana Velkova, Ruth Clay, Dita Kurtig, Aleksandra Filipovska, Lilia Van Mens, Dragan Markoski, Elena Vchkova, Kire Naskov, Anita Topolova Naskova, Igor Arsic, Tatijana Kostovska, Olga Radchenko, Sashka, N Sanevska.


The NOVA PTA meets quarterly and holds three General Assembly Meetings per school year. To get involved or find out more about PTA projects, programs and initiatives, email The success of the NOVA PTA largely depends on your support, ideas, and comments!  Use the contact links to volunteer your time, resources, ideas and feedback on the PTA projects and initiatives.

NOVA PTA Projects 2018/2019


October 31 ES Halloween Party 

 December 17-19: All School Santa’s Treats and Fun 3-day event 

February 14: Valentine’s All School Cookies Day 

March: NOVA Parent Party “Models For a Night” 


EMS Easter Egg Party 


April: NOVA Family Bazaar 


June: Teacher Appreciation Day 


QUESTIONAIRES: questionnaire program designed and developed by PTA and NOVA High School Students, provided to parents as a platform to comment on NOVA school matters, PTA programs and offer ideas to improve all aspects of student life. Feedback data compiled and reviewed by PTA and applied to foster effective communication between parents and NOVA management. 

NOVA PARENT ENRICHMENT COFFEE EVENING:  a monthly NOVA parents gathering hosted by the PTA with featured topics covering all aspects of NOVA student academic and after school student life, creating a platform for parent to parent support, networking as well as successful community integration of NOVA foreign families. 

NEW NOVA FAMILIES WELCOME GUIDE: a welcome guide, providing helpful tips, referrals and information about Skopje and Macedonia, to new NOVA families joining our community.