The Advisory class meets twice a week for 40-minutes. The Advisor provides personal, academic and extra-curricular support while students are placed in his/her care. The Advisory teacher is a caregiver, one of several professionals involved in understanding the student’s progress at school. The Advisory class is designed to provide small group support for the current wellbeing and future success of every student. The Advisory Class is a full class for purposes of attendance.


NOVA believes that the hallmark of quality education is a personalized approach sensitive to the individual needs of the student both in and out of the classroom. In realizing this belief, the school assigns an Advisory teacher to each student at the beginning of the entering year, which then remains the primary caregiver for the student until time of exit. The Advisory teacher has several broad responsibilities:

  • Implement character building activities

  • Advocates on behalf of the student, offering support in the form of advice, encouragement, affirmation, and trust.

  • Maintain a meaningful student-to-student and teacher-to-student interaction.

  • Fosters a meaningful and frequent school-to-home communication.