Multimedia Apps CREDIT: 1.0 COURSE NO: CT001
This course emphasizes the application of multiple information and communication skills that allow students to create original content. Students interested in a variety of applications of media technology, and in creating interactive original content such as Apps and programs are encouraged to take this course. Cross-course, multi-disciplinary projects that draw on the content of different classes may be required.
Pre-requisite(s): None Open to grade(s): 9,10,11,12
General Computer Science CREDIT: 1.0 COURSE NO: CT002
This is a introductory course into web development and design. Students will acquire an understanding of the internet and how data is created, manipulated and transferred through the services of the world wide network. Ongoing trends, developing technologies, frameworks that are being used by all major IT companies are examined. Students develop web pages that incorporate text, audio, video and graphics by using HTML, Javascript, and CSS. Students determine and employ methods to evaluate the design, functionality, and security of online information in various settings. Students also make their first steps into the world of computer science by learning about bits and bytes, computer hardware and developing algorithms, which is a great step towards more specific topics in Computer Science.
Pre-requisite(s): None Open to grade(s): 9,10,11,12
AP Computer Science A CREDIT: 1.0 COURSE NO: CT003
In this year-long course students develop problem-solving, abstraction and analytical skills to enhance their computer science and programming skills as required in college and the workplace. The focus is object-oriented problem solving using Java programming language including common algorithms and use of Java’s built-in classes and interfaces for basic data structures. Students learn to design, implement, analyze and solve problems utilizing commonly used algorithms and data structures and write solutions in an object-oriented paradigm; writing, running, testing, and debugging solutions in Java programming language from the AP Java subset. Students learn to read and understand programs consisting of several classes and interacting objects, to understand a description of the design and development process leading to such a program. They also study ethical and social implications of computer use.
Pre-requisite(s): Algebra 2 or Teacher Approval Open to grade(s): 11,12