16 October 2019

What's in a Film [Week Without Walls]

The idea behind our second Week Without Walls, “What’s in a Film” program was for students to be trained to view film critically. To begin this process, our students learned some of the language of cinema, as well as the history of the art form through examples and media presented to them in the comfort and style of the "Kinoteka na Makedonija". Following the acquisition of this understanding, students were led through the dual processes of pre and post production in filmmaking. The expert who made this process possible was Macedonian director and cinematographer Marija Dzidzeva. At the conclusion of the week, and after the public screening of their independent short films, students held their own mini "Academy Awards Ceremony”. The ceremony was attended by filmologists from the "Kinoteka na Makedonija", who participated in the voting process which led to the award of a “best picture” prize. Following the Oscar Ceremony, and to top off the week, our students were invited to the set of Une Sirène à Paris, set to hit cinemas globally in March 2020, to have a guided tour of the production studio with Macedonian actress and film producer, Labina Mitevska.

Check out the photo gallery from the event here