27 August 2019

Meet our new faculty members: Zorica Stamenkovska [CAS & Community Service Coordinator]

Zorica joins NOVA as CAS and Community Service Coordinator after working “9 to 5” in the marketing industry in the last two years. She has a bachelor degree in marketing, but has spent more years working with young people.

During the period 2012-2017, she was part of the Agency of Youth and Sport as Advisor for International Cooperation and Youth Policies where she was the national coordinator of the National Hate Speech Movement in Macedonia, and has worked on the preparation of the National Youth Strategy 2016-2025, creation of local youth strategies and councils and the establishment of the Regional Youth Cooperation Office for Western Balkans.

“I like adding creativity and color to everything I do. When I was little, I always thought how I could change the world and now I am happy to have the opportunity to inspire and encourage students at NOVA to always see the world in bright colors, to never underestimate the positive influence they can have in their community and to grow in confidence and ambition. ”