13 March 2019

Canadian students visited Nova

In the past two days NOVA hosted 12 Canadian students from the Appleby college. This is a traditional visit and join action between NOVA and Appleby. The first day the students got the chance to visit the school and some of the classes. As good hosts, our students organized scavenger hunt and got to know the city center. Yesterday, we visited the daily center for Roma Kids "Nadezh" in Shuto Orizari. The students had an art workshop with the kids and the produced paintings which will be used to fund-raise for the daily center. I would like to extend my gratitude to everyone at NOVA for welcoming the students, the administration, the cafeteria staff for promptly responding to our request. And most of all, big thank you to the members from the NOVA Event Team for their professionalism in making this project a reality.

Check out the photo gallery from the visit here