10 October 2018

Week without walls, community service Skopje

Day 1: September 17 – Clean up the Vardar River. This activity was a group effort of around 60 students and three chaperons. All students were equipped with gloves and plastic bags to collect the garbage. The groups met in front of the school and walked together all the way to the embankment of Vardar River where they were divided into three groups and went into three different directions. Group A was cleaning the area under the bridge and the path along the City Park. As students were from different grades, apart from cleaning they also socialized, keeping up the competitive spirit and trying to collect as much garbage as possible. Day 2: September 18 – Cleaning and Hiking Vodno Mountain The second day was even more labor intensive as it required not just cleaning but also hiking. The group had an excellent guide, а Grade 12 student. Hiking up the trails, the students picked up the garbage scattered around. On Sredno Vodno they had a small break, but soon continued the hard work despite the strong sun. They also observed that the number of garbage bins is not sufficient for the number of visitors, especially during weekends. Day 3 and 4: September 19 – 20 – Working at the Home for Elderly The final two days were most important as a learning experience. The Home for Elderly People Majka Tereza is providing accommodation, food and medical care for around 70 persons, mainly vulnerable or people under social risk. The students started their community service by helping the staff to paint some of the prefabricated houses built soon after the 1963 earthquake in Skopje. Other students helped with cleaning the yard, by raking leaves of the lawns and collecting old tree branches. The next day, after finishing up their work, some students joined the occupational therapy group and participated in making decorations to be sold at the Fall Bazaar traditionally held in November. They had an opportunity to talk to the occupational therapist, but also the members of this group, who enjoy knitting, embroidery and other handicrafts. The other group of students joined in social activities with the residents – playing cards, chess and other interactive games. This proved to be very beneficial for both students and residents as they could talk, laugh and share jokes. The director of the Home, and the rest of the staff were very pleased with the cooperation with Nova International Schools and were thankful that the students were really hardworking and helpful. He said he would extend an official invitation to the school and the students to participate at the Fall Bazaar.

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