6 June 2018

ASA Ballet Performance - Maggie`s Adventures

What’s in a forest? A world of possibilities, a fantasy flight, mystery and magic … Watch what happens when a young girl sets out on an exploration quest into a forest, and from there on everything turns into an adventure, especially, after she runs into the most beautiful and graceful of creatures - DANCING BUTTERFLIES. They guide her to an enchanted castle, a home to a spoiled young princess and her playmates. Kids will be kids, and play is their thing, or better said, dance. As they dance carefree, danger approaches in the form of a wicked fairy who spellbinds them all, save the princess. But the innocence of the kids is preserved, and rescue comes in the form of a good fairy that counteracts the effects of the spell, undoes the evil, and restores the balance of the world. All is well that ends well.

Check out the photo gallery from the performance here