4 December 2017

NOVA students secure 2nd place at this year's 'month of science'

In Physics class, we pull, push, bend, throw, burn, observe and measure objects and phenomena. We believe that we test concepts that are "written in stone", but we also keep our minds open for just in case if we find a soft spot in them. Ears are meant for hearing and dealing with sound, but what if we can see sound with our very own eyes? This crazy idea led Vladimir and Petar to do a little research and to discover the wonderful world of shape of sound - "Cymatics". They have managed to set-up an apparatus, in order to demonstrate the frequency dependence of wave patterns on a water surface, generated by sound. They presented the concept and demonstrated the phenomenon on this year's "November - Month of Science", an event dedicated to all students across Macedonia willing to proudly present their projects in Physics, Chemistry or Biology. The event took place at the Institute of Chemistry at the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics in Skopje. Petar and Vladimir were very curious to see other students' projects, but were also interested in feedback for their own project, as this was first time to participate in an event of this kind. There were a lot of curious eyes wondering what Petar and Vladimir were up to, but also quite a lot of questions from the jury. They were not very verbal on their feedback, but their verdict says it all - Vladimir and Petar won the second place. Congrats, and well done everyone. Looking forward to hearing of your future endeavors in Physics.