14 November 2017

CEESA HS soccer tournament, Sofia

This year’s HS soccer tournament was hosted in Sofia. The SuperNOVA team practiced hard with the ultimate goal of representing NOVA in the best way possible. This year's team consisted of new, young and less experienced members, however fully dedicated to do their utmost. The tournament itself took place at AAS school campus, offering great athletic facilities, which combined with the sunny weather, provided an ideal opportunity for an excellent competition.
The tournament was a positive experience for the students: learning about fair play, playing enthusiastically, and growing competitively, while realizing it takes a lot of discipline, team work and dedication for the achievement of better results. All SuperNOVA teammates were pleased to have been part of the 4th place finishing team and the tournament in general, knowing it was a great opportunity to make new friends and socialize with students from other international schools.

Check out the photo gallery from the tournament here