10 November 2017

CEESA MS Boys Soccer Tournament in Kiev

The NOVA MS Boys Soccer Team was recently in Kiev to compete in the CEESA Soccer Tournament. The boys team has worked relentlessly throughout the season on developing essential skills such as passing, shooting, and collaboration. The team headed to Kiev excited by the challenges they would be facing there. Over the course of the tournament the team had six games against other CEESA schools around Europe. The boys were resilient in the face of adversity. The players won four of the six games, tied in one game and lost in the finals to bring home the second place trophy. As a team we scored around thirty points throughout the tournament and allowed only ten. Off the pitch the players had the chance to experience a different culture. As a team we had the opportunity to tour the Ukrainian national soccer stadium. Players stayed with host families from the international school in Kiev and had the chance to try local cuisine, see local sites, and meet other international students. In the end the players had a fulfilling cultural experience and brought home much more than just a second place trophy. We are proud of the NOVA MS Boys!

Check out the photo gallery from the event here