9 October 2017

Igor Ristovski & (astro)photography

My name is Igor Ristovski, I am a high school teacher at Nova International Schools where I teach computer science in web applications and multimedia applications. Aside from teaching computer science I am also a graphic designer and extreme sports addict whenever I don't wear my teacher super suit. My latest challenge is astrophotography, and it has posed the greatest challenge to me as a photograph so far. Partly this is due to the mechanism of taking the photos, namely you need to go on a remote location during the night, when it is completely dark. The process is tricky as well, it takes a lot of time and energy but it all pays off the moment you expose your photo in Adobe Lightroom and see what you have captured. I do my best to incorporate this passion in the school with other astronomy enthusiasts as we have obtained a ‘Celestron Telescope’ that can help us observe the night sky and take even better pictures.

Check out the photo gallery here