4 October 2016

​FiRC Discusses ​Computer Mediated Communication

[On October 4, 2016,] Mira Bekar, Assistant professor at the English Department at Ss. Cyril and Methodius University, came to NOVA as the fourth guest speaker for the Foundations in Research Course program (FiRC). Ms. Bekar gave a lecture based on her dissertation research, which focused on computer-mediated communication. She explained to students how qualitative research is conducted in the field of Applied Linguistics and talked about the relation between language, writing, and social interaction in online text-based chatting in Macedonian and English. Students had the chance to learn how serious research can be designed from mundane activities we are all involved in, such as online chatting. She also demonstrated how they can do cross-linguistic research on identity, culture, appraisal and interpersonal meaning in computer-mediated communication.