3 October 2016

Aerobics/Pilates Classes for Parents

Health Benefits:


-          Improves work of the Cardiovascular System,

-          Increases Energy and Endurance,

-          Reduces risks of developing different diseases (Heart Diseases, Diabetes),

-          Reduces  Body Fat , Stress, Anxiety, Depression



-          Strength,

-          Coordination,

-          Flexibility,

-          Balance,

-          Body Awareness

When/Where: Mondays and Wednesdays from 08:30 – 09:30, at Nova HS Fitness Studio

Cost:  1500 den/month

Taught by:  Luli Imetovska

-          Bachelor in  PE,

-          European Master Degree in Health and Physical Activity,

-          Fitness and Health Educator With 20 Years Professional Experience

 Please direct all inquiries to Ms. Luli Imetovska at luliimetovska@yahoo.com