9 September 2016

New Faculty Introductions 2016-17 - Jennifer Endres

"Hello, my name is Jennifer. I am from the United States where I completed my studies in education of both elementary and middle school. I have been teaching for several years now, yet recently taught abroad in Africa. Although, teaching in a foreign land is recent in my career, I am no stranger to traveling or living in other countries as I was an international student myself. This year I am teaching grade 5 with a great group of children. I am super thrilled to be in Skopje as well as teaching at NOVA this school year. In the classroom, I hope to bring my spark for interactive learning and facilitate as much as I can for growth. In my spare time, I try to remain active. There are soooo many things that keep me going – spending time with my family, sports, outdoor activities, cooking/baking, learning about the environment & customs, etc. I always like to be busy!"