26 August 2016

New Faculty Introductions 2016-17 - Richard Whitrock

"Hello, my name is Richard Whitrock and I'm excited to be joining the NOVA family this year along with my wife and two young children (aged 3 and 7 months).  We are from Texas, USA (Houston), and are already loving our new Macedonian home.  I graduated from the Honors College at the University of Houston, I am a certified teacher of 10 years with a Bachelor of Science in Political Science, with 2 minors (Architecture and English), and will be teaching AP Economics (macro and micro), IB History, AP Research, and coaching our new debate team.  I've been involved in competitive speech and debate since the age of 12, and am looking forward to traveling the world with our students as we participate in debate tournaments both here and abroad.  Interesting hobbies and talents include a love of cooking (and an obvious love of eating), novel writing, poetry, and I'm constantly reading (both fiction and non-fiction).  I look forward to meeting you, and to a successful year at NOVA."