2 June 2015

SuperNOVA athletic report

We are proud to report that this year's SuperNOVA athletic teams won a total of 12 CEESA trophies. Four 1st place trophies, five 2nd place trophies, one 3rd place trophy and two sportsmanship trophies.
On top of our athletic achievements, the SuperNOVAs excelled in academic competitions as well. Our students brought 1st and 3rd place trophies from the MS Knowledge Bowl event, 2nd and 4th place trophies from the HS Knowledge Bowl, a 1st place finish with the junior team at the HS Math competition; 3rd place trophies from both the team and individual competitions at the MS Math Counts, along with successful participation at the HS/MS Cross Country competition (first year), HOSIC conference and HS Robotics event.
All in all, this was the SuperNOVA’s most successful year to-date in CEESA competitions and events.