10 April 2015

Week Without Walls 2015 (Agritourismo-Italy)

Although the trip was rather long… I found it to be bearable, and rather an adventure! Getting there was an amazing relief! It was absolutely beautiful!

The first day we visited the cheese and wine farm. The whole 2 kilometers of the walk to the actual complex was lined with beautiful hills and sights… who would want to leave? We were led around and were allowed a special insight into the workings of the industry and the things that make them and the region unique!

One of my favorite things we did while in Italy was most definitely the cooking with our chef! We were able to make our dinner with our own hands and it was such a blast, especially with the special instructions. We made pasta, and learned techniques for different aspects of the kitchen.

The last day we visited Florence. Though we were only there for a short time, it was extremely beautiful and filled with history. I wish we just could’ve had more time to visit and roam.

Overall, I was very happy I attended this excursion; I enjoyed the sights and the opportunity to take pictures immensely.

(Sara Thomas)

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