19 February 2013

High School All School Assembly

Six months of unforgettable experiences that led us to an exploration of entirely new horizons. Six months filled with remarkably zealous competitive spirit, and yet an even more remarkable tendency towards cooperation and coherency in the common battle for success and recognition. Six months that had brought with them an immense variety of new knowledge acquired, new friendships born, new challenges and projectsone following another like an unbroken flow of a river. The annual “All-School Assembly” held on February 4, began with certificates of recognition awarded to students who had demonstrated exceptional dedication, enthusiasm and successin the fields of natural and social sciences, languages, mathematics, arts and sports. The “Student of the Department” announcements were followed by several videos made from striking events such as the “International Day”and NOVA International Schools’ Christmas performance. These videos, along with short presentations that served as a reminder for just some of the many successful stories “written” by NOVA’s students, played the role of a time machine that carried all the spectators back to the celebrations and occasions that made 2012 an unforgettable year. Hence, they managed to revive impressions that, based on the sincere grins enchanting the school auditorium will be cherished in years that are yet to come and renewed on assemblies that are yet to be held.

Sofija Paneva, grade 9