22 February 2013

Tips to Ace Final Exams- A Letter From the Librarian

Finals were just around the corner, and with them, a whole new set of stress for many of the students. Observing the students studying in the Library, I realized that most of them were exhausted and in panic, and not being able to find a spot to study in the crowded library was just adding additional, but unnecessary stress to their studying. It is then when I decided to write this article, send them a direct message that being quizzed on the entire semester worth of content does not have to be that stressful, and give them some high school study tips that would get me in the right mindset to get prepared for my exams whenI was at their age.  

Dear students,

1. Study All Semester Long (Review all your notes and reread all the important passages in your textbook. That will really keep all those facts in your brain on the test day).

2. Get It All Out (Make sure you have all your books, notes, study guides and writing utensils in front of you).

3. Create Your Perfect Study Area (Get rid ofas many distractions as possible-like music, television, the internet, and your phone. The place where you study should be quiet, comfortable and free from distractions).

4. Avoid Late-Night Studying (Studies showthat skipping out on sleep to cram for a test can actually lead to worse grades).

5. Get Enough Sleep (Get a full of 8 hours ofsleep, so your brain is in good shape).

6. Eat Well (Eat a lot of mixed nuts, cereals,fruits and vegetables and drink freshly squeezed juice every morning. That will give you the energy to keep on studying).

7. Find a Study Buddy (Two heads think better than one, but be careful to use the time wisely and not socialize).

8. Quiz Yourself (The best way to quiz yourself is to make flashcards).

REMEMBER! Once that week of finals is over,you are free! You can sleep in late, and waste all day playing video games, basketball,football, going shopping, listening to music and everything else that youlike doing. Do take my advice, modify it to your needs and you will have great success following this plan, just as I had when I was in high school.